To Change the World (Physics World Link)

Insights on how to promote science from an unlikely source (June 2011).

The Two Cultures at 50 (Physics World Link)

Why does the idea of the “two cultures”, coined by C P Snow 50 years ago, still feel so current despite the book that promoted the idea being both dated and flawed? (May 2009).

Making Physics Popular (Physics World Link)

Writing about physics for the public involves more than just translating complex scientific ideas into simple language (April 2009).

Quantum of Culture (Physics World Link)

Terminology from quantum theory shows up frequently in popular culture — from art and films to sculpture and poetry (September 2008).

Sites for New Eyes (Physics World Link)

Choosing where to locate large scientific facilities can require close interaction with the local communities involved (March 2009).

Gravitation (Physics World Link)

Newton’s famous equation describing the gravitational force between two objects altered more than our ideas of the solar system, it also influenced our conception of human nature (October 2007).

Tale of Two Anniversaries (Physics World Link)

Modern laboratories face not only scientific but also social challenges (May 2007).

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Why is it that particular equations, formulas and expressions become icons? (March 2007)

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Ten key issues facing science and society (December 2000)