Hayden Planetarium (Physics World Link)

The Hayden Planetarium’s new show, curated by a geologist, has high production values and an earthy flaver (March 2020)

Celebrating the Mind (Physics World Link)

I celebrate the profound contributions of the “recreational mathematician” Martin Gardner, who would have turned 100 in October 2014. Gardner understood the priority of play in scientific thinking (October 2014).

Feynman’s Failings (Physics World Link)

They were never successful as a textbook.  So why, a half-century after their publication, do so many physicists keep Feynman’s Lectures on Physics within reach?  (March 2014)

The Spot in the Shadow (Physics World Link)

A simple experiment is both a compelling educational tool and a dramatic lesson in science history (February 2014).

Just in Time Physics (Physics World Link)

Can advanced physics be taught in a project-based curriculum? At Olin College, the answer is ‘Yes!’ (August 2013).

Space Station Science (Physics World Link)

A laboratory is like a garden, where special conditions allow us to grow things that do not appear, or only rarely, in the wild (July 2014).

Physics Problems for Evaluating Students (Physics World Link)

A student’s promise is not measured best by the ability to memorize formulae, but by how well they understand the fabric of physics.  Here are some problems for this purpose (October 2011).

Probing Potential PhDs (Physics World Link)

What is the best way of judging the ability of prospective PhD students? (May 2011).

Gyrangle (Physics World Link)

An exotic structure made of 490 hollowed-out triangles enthralled the hundreds of members of the US public who assembled it (February 2011).

Bronx Physics (Physics World Link)

With seven of its former pupils having gone on to win a Nobel Prize for Physics, the Bronx High School of Science is no ordinary school (November 2010).

Science Toys (Physics World Link)

Tim Rowett is an avid collector of science-related toys.  My son and I drop in to play (January 2009).

The Power of Robotics (Physics World Link)

Robotics competitions supply a vital missing link in science and engineering education (June 2009).

Gathering for Gardner (Physics World Link)

How does Martin Gardner inspire so many different kinds of people? (July 2008)

A Passion for Boats (Physics World Link)

Retired mathematician Frank Sinden dreams up sailboats with innovative new designs, including one that can sail faster than the wind that powers it.  Yes, you read that right, — and yes, it obeys the laws of physics (June 2008).

Dictionary of Scientific Biography (Physics World Link)

Its progenitor once described the Dictionary of Scientific Biography – or DSB, as it is known to historians – as a “gothic cathedral”. The analogy is apt: this vast 18-volume reference work is a landmark collaboration, painstakingly crafted by experts, the scope and influence of which have grown over time (January 2008).

Citizen Science (Physics World Link)

Science courses aimed at non-scientists face formidable obstacles, but two ambitious approaches seek to overcome the hurdles (November 2007).

Textbooks (Physics World Link)

Student textbooks should act as portrait, map and tour guide to science (October 2000).