One Amazing Moment (Physics World Link)

The discovery of X-ray diffraction in crystals was a major turning point in modern science (September 2012).

Historical Experiments in Astronomy (Physics World Link)

Four experiments in historical astronomy carried out during the 2012 Venus transit of the Sun (August 2012).

Happy Birthday, Lomonosov! (Physics World Link)

Born 300 years ago this month, Mikhail Lomonosov was surely Russia’s first modern scientist, yet he remains strangely unknown outside his homeland (November 2011).

Chinese Metrology (Physics World Link)

China had the earliest known fully organized system of weights and measures, which lasted for millennia. Guangming Qiu’s life and career studying the history of Chinese metrology has been as surprising as the subject itself (July 2011).

The Dark-Energy Game (Physics World Link)

A review of Richard Panek’s book The 4% Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality (April 2011).

Dictionary of Scientific Biography (Physics World Link)

Its progenitor once described the Dictionary of Scientific Biography – or DSB, as it is known to historians – as a “gothic cathedral”. The analogy is apt: this vast 18-volume reference work is a landmark collaboration, painstakingly crafted by experts, the scope and influence of which have grown over time (January 2008).

Bohr Paradox (Physics World Link)

Niels Bohr’s towering role in the history of physics can be difficult to appreciate (May 2008).

Dark Energy (Physics World Link)

The competition between the two teams of scientists that discovered that the expansion of the universe is accelerating reveals how hard it can be to assign scientific credit (December 2007).

Physics Legends II (Physics World Link)

Legends – right and wrong – from the history of physics (February 2007).

Physics Legends (Physics World Link)

The history of science is full of mythical stories that we repeat, even when we suspect that they are probably wrong (November 2006).

The Lost Art of The Letter (Physics World Link)

The Internet is affecting not only how scientists communicate, but also how future science historians will have to work (January 2007).