Communicating Science (Physics World Link)

The Hollywood actor Alan Alda, who has a deep and passionate interest in science, is part of an innovative US project to help scientists to communicate (March 2010).

Dealing with Doomsday (Physics World Link)

Particle physicists think it obvious that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is safe and will not create Earth-devouring black holes – but the public need to trust scientists if they are to feel the same. How best to counter those who sow distrust (April 2010).

Science Bloopers II (Physics World Link)

More science bloopers (June 2007).

Science bloopers (Physics World Link)

Books, movies and other media are full of mistakes about the natural world. How harmful are these? (April 2007).

The Press is a Foreign Country (Physics World Link)

Scientists who have to speak to the media in volatile situations rarely do a brilliant job. Here’s one successful encounter and suggestions on how best to emulate it (October 2003).