The Feeling of the Unexpected (Physics World Link)

How do you react when something unexpected happens? That teaches something about physics itself (June 2020).

Philosophy in Physics World (Physics World Link)

How philosophical discussions crop up in the first issues of Physics World (October 2018).

Unenlightened Thinking (Physics World Link)

Steven Pinker may be a talented scientist, but he abuses the humanities (May 2018).

Plato’s Cave (Physics World Link)

What is and is not going on in Plato’s Cave (July 2017).

The Right Questions (Physics World Link)

Meeting the Universe Halfway, by theoretical-physicist-turned-philosopher Karen Barad, seeks to upend some long-standing views (September 2014).

Space Station Science (Physics World Link)

A laboratory is like a garden, where special conditions allow us to grow — experimentally stage — things that do not appear, or only rarely, in the wild, so that we can better understand the wild.  This doesn’t mean that things that appear in laboratories are abstract or unworldly; just the opposite!  (July 2014).

Moving the Goalposts (Physics World Link)

A new book about string theory offers a surprising way to explain different approaches to the philosophy of science (January 2014).

The Treiman Effect (Physics World Link)

The discovery process is often misportrayed as moving progressively from a solid base of what we know to guesses about what we don’t, tests of those guesses and new knowledge added to the original base.  A deeper process is at work in which each new result affects our assessment of the path we have been taking all along (July 2013).

Game-Show Experimentation (Physics World Link)

Why experimentation is not an idealized process that operates following simple rules and falsification (February 2013).

Do Primates Know Physics? (Physics World Link)

Primates have kinetic intelligence; do they therefore have “theories” of the world? (November 2012)

Do Skateboarders Know Physics? (Physics World Link)

Athletes have kinetic intelligence; do they therefore have “theories” of the world? (July 2012)

Philosophy Rules (Physics World Link)

I tire of scientists trying to kill off my profession, especially those who know nothing about it (August 2011).

Book of Nature (Physics World Link)

Galileo’s famous metaphor of the “book of nature”, which he used to defend the work of scientists from religious authorities, can be dangerous today (December 2006).

Science Critics (Physics World Link)

Why science critics are an essential part of science (May 2000).