Why Don’t They Listen? (Physics World Link)

Why is the authority of science so low in government circles?  (May 2014).

Patenting Science (Physics World Link)

Does patenting prevent or inhibit fundamental research?  (April 2014).

Longing for Laputa (Physics World Link)

The loony shutdown of the US government in October 2013 made me wonder whether scientists shouldn’t rule after all (December 2013).

Deciding with Science (Physics World Link)

From fracking and nuclear power to alternative medicine and climate change, why is scientific input so ignored where it is truly critical?  (November 2013).

The New Idols: Bacon (Physics World Link)

What would be on Francis Bacon’s list of idols today? (June 2013).

Presidential Pledges (Physics World Link)

Leaders who fail to act in accordance with robust and informed science, and instead act in a gut-based, ideological way, are behaving in an authoritarian manner against the wishes of the US’s founding fathers, who viewed knowledge as key to democracy.  Politicians who fail to take science seriously are a threat to the country. Here’s a way to help voters spot them and prevent them from being elected (January 2012).

John H. Marburger III (1941-2011) (Physics World Link)

Lessons to be learned from the life of an experienced science administrator (September 2011).