Trust (Physics World Link)

Scientists and those people with religious convictions may have sharply contrasting beliefs, but does that forbid them from having stimulating conversation? (August 2008)

The Lost Art of The Letter (Physics World Link)

The Internet is affecting not only how scientists communicate, but also how future science historians will have to work (January 2007).

No-Way Physics (Physics World Link)

Some principles of physics – including the first two laws of thermodynamics – seem to invite rebellion.  Why? (July 2007)

Experts (Physics World Link)

The modern world needs experts, but describing their nature and role is surprisingly difficult (August 2007).

Competition (Physics World Link)

Scientific competition is more than just a quest for glory and prizes (September 2000).

Metaphors in Science (Physics World Link)

The role that metaphors play in the way we understand science (November 2000).