Bell’s Theorem Still Tolls (Physics World Link)

The famous proof of entanglement by John Bell is half a century old. I recall the strange story of its origin and history (November 2014).

Quantum Identity (Physics World Link)

Of all aspects of the quantum world, the nature of identity is one of the most bizarre (January 2013).

The Quantum Moment (Physics World Link)

Quantum mechanics has acquired as much cultural impact as Newtonian mechanics, though via a much different path (March 2013).

Quantum Guidebooks (Physics World Link)

Guides to the quantum world (July 2012).

Schrödinger’s Cat (Physics World Link)

Why is the idea of Schrödinger’s Cat still so alive today, more than 75 years after its birth? (April 2012)

Fruitloopery (Physics World Link)

Telling the difference between an enlightening scientific metaphor and the misuse of technical terms – or what has been billed “fruitloopery” – is harder than it seems (February 2012).

Other-Worldly Tales (Physics World Link)

The idea of “parallel universes” and “parallel worlds” appears frequently in art and literature.  Does it matter if these appearances bear little resemblance to the science from which they sprang? (December 2011)

Quantum of Culture (Physics World Link)

Terminology from quantum theory shows up frequently in popular culture — from art and films to sculpture and poetry (September 2008).